ART OF LIVING: CHAPTER 2 - Call of the Wild

Introducing the second chapter to our year long adventure. A real life journey of discovering greater meaning and ful...

BEHIND THE BRAND - Meet the team: Jian

There's no denying a brand's success comes down to a collection of people. We wouldn't be who we are without the ta...

Art of Living: Chapter 1 - Re-Designing Life

As much as a fashion label, we're also storytellers. It's one of the greatest abilities people have wouldn't you agr...

Family & Friends - Linus Eliasson: World traveller & Ottway ambassador

When we first stumbled across Linus, it was a few years back. We can't pin point that exact moment, but it was proba...

GLORIA - We made it: Officially off the Tools

They say all good stories have an ending, and that's inevitably so. Can you believe it's been almost three years si...

A Mediterranean Escapade

Still drifting, somewhere between the rugged Southern Spanish coast and it's many Mediterranean islands... still aro...

Behind the scenes - Paving a different way

In today's era, there is no denying the inundation of industry and people on our planet is taking a dramatic toll o...

Gloria - Becoming Self Sustainable

They say when the last of the morning frost, scattering the rolling grass hills of the Otway Ranges finishes, Winter...

Behind The Scenes - A crazy year with Neri and Manu

Last time Neri and Manu sat down to open up about Ottway, it was over a year ago. Funnily enough it was during a lock...

West Coast Cabin Session

It was exactly a year in the making... After having to cancel the first attempt in March 2020 because of the pandemic...

2020, The big unknown

 Oh 2020 what a year you were! We had no idea what was in store! From every tough scenario, it seems a silver lining ...

OTTWAY Flagship Store

Rewind 8 months to March 2020 and pre global pandemic...The year felt as though it was another usual early months of...
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