The Ottway Cabin - Meet GLORIA

After the sad demolition of our cabin house in Port Melbourne, we still believed that there are certain things in thi...

The Ottway Cabin

Everything comes and goes... The Ottway Cabin is sadly about to be demolished to give rise to brand new apartments. ...

Travels - The Red Center, a rebellious outlaw

By the late 19th century nearly two-thirds of Australia remained unexplored. Theoldest continent on earth seemed to h...

Travels - Island in the sun, Tenerife

"An Old Fishing Village Never Gets Old" We spent some epic days in an old and true to itself fishing village in the C...

Collectors - Chinderah Bay Antiques

At OTTWAY we are passionate about collecting stories, photos, objects and feelings to document and preserve a journe...

Friends & Family - Meet Chris Fynes a.k.a Food Snob

In a world overcome by the digital revolution, we see content creators like Chris Fynes, showing us the best places t...
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