For this collection, we wander into the Otway Ranges and get back in touch with the roots of nature and vintage style. Featuring earthy tones and soft fabrics, perfect for the colder months. We are sticking with one of our favourite ethical fabrics; non-animal suede.

The story encompasses the history of the Otways,
the beautiful landscape that is our namesake.

Scenic tall forests, fern-filled gullies, waterfalls and rolling hills guarded by a fierce stretch of coastline. The first sight of terra firma for many thousands of courageous 19th-century drifters travelling to Australia.

This untamed land is today named after Captain William Albany Otway… The Otways Ranges, largely untouched and harbouring a fascinating history, is the inspiration of this project called Ottway The Label. 

Into the Ranges is divided into two drops. The first features two new curated shirts; New Federal and Stafford. The second is our very first dress, Johanna, accompanied by Kennet; a unique vest with ethnic patterns. 

- I N T O   T H E   R A N G E S -