The Ottway Cabin - Meet GLORIA

After the sad demolition of our cabin house in Port Melbourne, we still believed that there are certain things in this world that money can’t buy. One of them is the ability to turn a vision into reality. We once dreamt of taking The Ottway Cabin into its natural environment, the Otway Ranges, down the Great Ocean Road… and it’s happening!
We are going off-the-grid in the heart of Otway’s, and rebuilding The Ottway Cabin on top of a 50 passenger school bus

The Ottway Bus - Meet Gloria from OTTWAY on Vimeo.

It is going to be a community project built together with our very good mates and all-year-round happy humans, Trent (@trentnattrass) and Skye (@skyeinatent).
Trent is a cabin enthusiast, photographer and more importantly carpentry master. Skye is a nature lover, passionate veggie grower and yet to be proven, amazing cook.
The dream is to reconnect with nature and continue with the Ottway Sessions bringing them to the next level… filling this unique space with music, laughter and the best vibes. To not only remember and record, but also to celebrate with our people.Welcome to The Ottway Cabin, aka Gloria
Follow the journey on our Instagram Stories
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