Travels - PUERTO ESCONDIDO, Mexico

Travels - PUERTO ESCONDIDO, Mexico

Tacos, tequila and cold cervezas


Puerto Escondido means “hidden port”, and the town earned this title back in the day when access was extremely difficult... A couple of Texan surfers had discovered the waves around 1959, but it wasn’t until the early 70s that the penny really dropped.

Today Puerto has established itself as a truly iconic wave, a thundering beach-break barrel that inspires awe and respect from surfers worldwide. The nightlife is also becoming legendary.

We visited during the off-season so the swell wasn’t as great as you’d get during July-September. The rainy season is when waves are pumping, still, we had an epic time with family & friends making the most of our tropical days, discovering cool little towns like Mazunte and having heaps of tacos, tequila & cold cervezas. 

For a full Mexican immersion, check out our newest playlist “Agua de coco” on Spotify with a compilation of our favourite tropical tunes. You might not understand a word, but get ready to smile and prepare your body for a boogie!

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