Family & Friends - Kim Churchill: Musician, songwriter and storyteller

Last time we saw Kim life was around mid-Jan in an exceptionally intimate and acoustic environment during his tour -one mic, one light. We were in one of Melbourne’s oldest and prettiest pubs, the Wesley Anne, a former church candle-lit and with beer on-hand…if that wasn’t enough, the opening act couldn’t perform and we were gifted with two hours of Kim at his very best!Kim Churchill needs no intro, but for the merits of some of our international friends, he is a lyrical genius and equally talented Aussie musician and we are pretty stoked to see him playing music wearing our designs.

We recently checked in with him asking how he has been getting through these isolation days. Checking where his focus has been. Netflix or books.. food or music.. plus asking where and what is next once normal life resumes.

While we wait for live music gigs to aliven our days once again… 

Turn up the volume and enjoy this cabin session!!

Follow Kim's journey @kimchurchill1 

Featuring Whister Cream & Whistler Navy

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