Family & Friends - Linus Eliasson: World traveller & Ottway ambassador

When we first stumbled across Linus, it was a few years back. We can't pin point that exact moment, but it was probably seeing a video of him grooving to some rad tunes in his Stockholm kitchen. Vibing away having a good time! From there we've followed him living quite the life, full of adventure and good times... we could go on but we'll let the images and recent questionnaire we did with him do the talking instead!

Want to be inspired? Read on!

Q1: First up, tell us your name, where you originate from and where you currently are!?

Hola familia! My name is Linus Eliasson and I’m from a little summer town called Halmstad in Sweden. I’ve been a beach bum from young running around in Tylösand eating ice cream and jumping from sand dunes. 

I live in Stockholm and various surf towns in Europe 5-6 months a year, but also recently found the beauty in Ibiza and trying to stay there as much as possible during summers. Such a beautiful community there <3 

Right now I’m in Costa Rica, since winters are the only thing in life I’m happily escaping. So 5-6 months here is magic for me, love it so much! Work a lot in Mexico which is so much easier from here as well. 

Q2: How did you get into what you are currently doing?

I’m a Director, Cinematographer and Editor and running a production company called Soda/Lime with my best friend Tomas. We traveling around the world shooting a lot of beautiful experiences for brands. 
Love capturing moments in life, it makes me very present and I’m able to see more, experience and remember more beautiful things life.

Q3: Tell us a big plan or dream for the future? 

My focus in life has always been to surf a lot so I’ve been building my life on that. My work, is a passion and it basically exist because I want to surf, learn more about myself and travel the world. 

I’m planning a surf trip to Mentawais in the fall with my brother which I’m very exited about but to be honest I’m really trying to live day by day and enjoy every moment.
Q4: What's a recent book / podcast / video which has had a big impact on you?

Personal development have been my interest the last couple of years and a person I’ve been really enjoying following for a while is Björn ”Natthiko” Lindeblad. His book ”I may be wrong” made a huge impact on me. 

Q5: what's your favourite Ottway design / go to and why?!

All of them!! Haha. If I should choose one it’s definitely ”The Soller” it’s a new favourite. I could live in it, it’s so comfy! 

Q6: And finally, if you are to read "Art of Living" what does this mean to you?

For me it’s about being vulnerable, share your heart but also your worst fears and grow in yourself. Think less and feel more, we humans are so beautiful when we are taking decisions by heart and not letting our egos get involved. I know when I feel my decisions and take them by heart, I never regret anything, no anxiety, no negative thoughts just very pure and loving intentions. Full heart can’t loose. <3 

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