Art of Living: Chapter 1 - Re-Designing Life

As much as a fashion label, we're also storytellers. It's one of the greatest abilities people have wouldn't you agree? To experience something and then be able to re-live it every time through a story! Well here lays the first chapter to our biggest, most inspiring story yet! The Art Of Living campaign is, and will be a real life, live adventure following our entire year and how through brave, simple decisions we can learn the  "art of living" our version of an incredible life!

Below you'll find Chapter One!



Begin right where you stand. Re-designing life requires a big decision followed by big change. The first step is to un-think, shake off the old and make space for the new. Start by spending less time on the things that are less important to make time for the things that are more meaningful. Rise with the sun, go somewhere easy, find a place where life goes a little slower and start living at your own pace...
For us, that big decision followed by big change was the choice to leave our city life once and for all. Over the past 6+ years we called Melbourne home, still working a main corporate job to keep this dream alive, but it was time for change and to step full time towards the pursuit of our true purpose; Ottway The Label.

With the hustle of the city behind us, we lived off-grid at Gloria, deep in the Otway Ranges, southern Victoria and took to a slower, more simple way of life. It was the perfect space to re-design life. To "
un-think, shake off the old and make space for the new"


To counteract the big change had to come designs of easy wearing, comfortable yet still able to hold their style. It was the perfect timing to release for the first time, two elegant and deadly comfortable Ottway dresses. It was a huge moment for us and also our community. Those who know, know. Dresses have been a part of Ottway's photoshoots since day dot, and now that we finally released our own, we couldn't be more happy with their design. Also to accompany them, were two transcendental vintage styled short sleeves. Simple enough to be worn everyday but also freshened up for the evening.

The simplest message behind Chapter One is to give yourself space from the hustle of everyday life. This first campaign took us to Gloria for an entire month of off-grid living, to re-focus and restart a new direction! To match we designed 4 new products that can carry us all along a more peaceful, slower adventure ahead.A special note to you

If you've read this far, we hope you've felt inspired in some way.
We challenge you, to make a similar decision one day when you are ready... It doesn't have to be right now, this took us 6 years to make happen! All we challenge you to do is begin the wheel turning. Place the first stepping stone and before you know it, you might find yourself heading somewhere slower, with more space to re-design your life!


Stay tuned, for chapter 2 is just around the corner!

Happy Adventuring Fam!

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