Thanks to our sustainability program, Solo Sunny Days, we have contributed so far to the installation of over 110kW of solar power in community-owned projects around Australia. A total of 452 solar panels installed that would generate enough energy to power more than 60 homes for an entire year.
On our day to day, we are always looking at ways to minimise our impact by reducing the amount of energy consumption at the warehouse, office & store and by offsetting 100% of the electricity with renewable energy becoming carbon neutral. By supporting OTTWAY you are investing in renewable energy too. 
We envision a world where people are thriving in communities powered by clean energy, find below a summary of the projects that we have enabled thanks to your contribution:
5. Warrendale Community Children’s Centre (Adelaide, SA) - 40 Solar Panels, 14 kW
Warradale Community Children’s Centre has a strong emphasis on maintaining a play-based program while consistently building strong connections with people, place and the environment. It boldly recognises the traditional landowners and custodians of Australia. The installation of 40 solar panels to this project is also the achievement of entwining renewable energy into the education of our youngest populations.
4. Walpole Community Centre (Walpole, WA) - 54 Solar Panels, 20 kW
Walpole is a small isolated town on the South Coast of Western Australia, with a population of 500. Sixty percent of the population is over 60 years of age and depend on the community centre for many reasons. Now, thanks to your contribution they will enjoy the facilities while producing clean energy. Another step towards a more sustainable future.
3. Tarremah Steiner School (Huntingfield, TAS) - 303 solar panels, 100 kW 
This project of 100kW solar installation for Tarremah Steiner School in Tasmania is a rather special project to help them become a model sustainability school, which has enthusiastic support from students and their community. They then hope to inspire other schools to follow suit.
2.  Woonona Bulli (Wollongong, NSW) - 19 solar panels, 6.6 kW 
Open to the community as a space to learn and develop cultural & artistic skills and also currently developing a charity to include free mental health and environmental awareness programs.
1.  Coorabell Hall (Byron Bay, NSW) - 35 solar panels, 5.5 kW

It is volunteer-run for community, arts & cultural pursuits and has been providing a community meeting space for over 100 years.

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