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At OTTWAY we are proud to promote a sustainable future by donating funds towards the installation of solar power in community-owned projects around Australia that otherwise are unlikely to happen.

We aim to improve our communities by giving the gift of clean energy.

How do we achieve this? 

Our impact so far

With your help, these community-owned solar projects have already become a reality. Read more about them here

Join the Clean Energy Revolution

For the past 150 years or so, humans have relied heavily on coal, oil, and other fossil fuels to power everything from light bulbs to cars to factories. Fossil fuels are embedded in nearly everything we do and are having a clear negative impact on the environment. Enabling the transition to renewable energy is key for a more sustainable present and future.

In Australia, after the Middle East countries, unfortunately we are still one of the most pollutant countries per capita in the world…

Let's take action!

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