This is a time to come together 

$10 of each sale will be donated in support of Australia’s bushfire emergency, and we wont stop until the fire is over.

Volunteer firefighters are working relentlessly to combat the flames, leaving their own families behind. We are all collaboratively raising millions for those in need. At Ottway, we will be donating $10 of each sale with no expiry date until the fire is over to the Australian Red Cross and help affected communities recover sooner.

 That’s the power of humanity in action. We should be proud of it.
Every action helps, lets keep fighting.
For all our international friends, here is A Visual Guide from the BBC to one of the worst bushfire seasons in Australia’s history:

 Learn more about how the Australian Red Cross donations are making an impact:

Donations will be processed on a fortnightly basis. 

 Much love to everybody affected in the Australian bushfires and the firefighters battling the crisis.

 The OTTWAY Team