Family & Friends - Meet Daiton & Marie: Photographers, Songwriters & Travellers

Creative Canadian duo who has been living their Australian adventure and recently went back home to explore their country in Daisy, their new Kombi Van. We met these two legends in Sydney, two years ago and from there they became part of the Ottway Family.
Passionate about music and photography, they capture Ottway's designs around the world and compose their own songs on the way. Let's have a quick chat with them:
How is being back home? and what do you miss most about OZ? 

Being back in Canada was a bit of a culture shock which is a weird thing to say as we return to our home country. Leaving our Bondi ocean view studio, beaches, surf, good coffee, and the hot sun behind. We traded it all for our beautiful new/old 1972 VW Kombi and drove to northern British Columbia where we spent our first 3 months back in Canada tree planting...literally replanting forests. 

We all know Canada is a must! But, give us to the Ottway fam 3 places we can't miss out.

First of all, any of you that ever come to Canada, let us know and we would love to meet you! We honestly love new friendships and are always so inspired by other people’s stories! We would say the best places in Canada are our hometowns haha. Honestly, though, it’s true. We’re not just byest. let’s start with the Westcoast where I (Daiton) is from. The Westcoast is all stunning but most of all, Tofino (the place I call home) is the place to be! It’s the surf capital of Canada and it’s full of beautiful long sandy beaches of cold pacific sea lined with tall cedar trees the and mostly foggy days! 

Next place we suggest is where Marie is from; Quebec City. Quebec City is the oldest place in Canada. It feels like you are in Europe. Some say that it’s the Paris of North America. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit will always be blown away by its beauty in and around it. It’s a city full of energy and history. The third but not least is the Rocky Mountains. Banff national park is a must-see. We recommend seeing, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and also Jasper. All those Canadian mountain dreams pictures you always see in magazines and postcards, it’s there. And it will blow your mind! 

Working together on Pacific Diary Campaign was incredible, we could all feel the excitement. What made it so special to you guys? 

The Pacific Diary Campaign was actually a dream come true! Shooting beautiful people in beautiful clothing on a beautiful boat on the beautiful what more could we ever ask for! We loved that everyone involved in this campaign equally shared in the same vision!! We love that it felt more like a day adventure enjoying each other’s company versus an official serious campaign. It’s now a life long memory and definitely one that we will never forget.

 You have a big journey coming up, tell us a bit more... 

We are heading to South America at the end of December. We will be spending most of our time in Argentina but we’re also hoping to visit Chile and Peru. We’re so excited to explore our southern neighbour. It seems to be a beautiful culture and the landscapes look unreal from the photos we’ve seen. 

 ...and most importantly, when and where are we catching up next?

You’re right about that question being the most important one! The answer: anywhere!! Haha. But since Australia and Canada is the total opposite, maybe we can meet up in the middle? Perhaps Hawaii or Japan? 

See you soon amigos!

- Follow @daitonvike + @marievike journey - 

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