Friends & Family - Meet Chris Fynes a.k.a Food Snob

In a world overcome by the digital revolution, we see content creators like Chris Fynes, showing us the best places to check out.
Chris is a Photographer, Videographer, Travel Writer, but more importantly self-confessed Food Snob. With a history of working with CNN Travel, BMW, British Airways, Sony and Samsung, he has an endless stream of top notch Instagram content.
 After travelling to Uluru and Rottnest Island this month Chris took the time to tell us about his life as a successful content creator.
What was it like to move from the UK to Australia? Have you struggled to live without chips and gravy?
Haha, chips and gravy no, maybe a decent sausage sanger! Being serious though, I’ve definitely missed a few things. London culture is very different and I was so embedded in the food scene there. The climate and outdoor life here is everything I wanted it to be though. I think there’s something about living close to water and in the sunshine that just soothes the soul.

With ‘content creating’ being the new Instagram craze, what are some tips you can give people who want to follow in your footsteps?
Don’t wait for people to approach you. Forge your own path, work for free if you have to and build relationships that have worth and longevity. Once you have a body of work that brands can’t ignore, you will be set to succeed.
After living life as a digital nomad, do you consider yourself a country bumpkin or city slicker?
I grew up in the countryside so I will always long for the wide open spaces and clean air. However, city life has so much to offer and as a foodie, I’d find it hard to retreat from the rich restaurant scene.
What has been the most memorable moment of your travels?
Swimming with Whale Sharks off the coast of Western Australia. Such incredible animals and so privileged to have been able to float alongside these gentle giants of the sea.


Out of all the places you have travelled to, what is your favourite?
I had a lot of fun in California when I was younger, especially Tahoe and Yosemite. It was just seven guys in a big van, without any major plans and the stars aligned to provide us with some of our best travel tales.
We still talk about that trip 10 years on.
Being a food snob, what are some restaurants you can recommend?
In Sydney, I’m a huge fan of Cho Cho San and Paperbird. London though, you’d find me in the East tucking into Smokestak.
What is your favourite Ottway design?
This is a tough one. The Navajo is so striking. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy one. The Rarebird though reminded me of a jacket that Manu had on an NZ trip, a year before when I first started chatting to him. I remember asking him where to get it from but sadly it was a one-off from a UK vintage store. It was then that he told me that he was working on creating something similar and I believe that jacket was the inspiration for the Rarebird and I absolutely love mine.
Thanks legend for sharing with all us a bit of your story behind the camera, see you in Sydney soon!
Follow Chris' adventures: @wethefoodsnobs
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