Travels - Island in the sun, Tenerife

"An Old Fishing Village Never Gets Old"

We spent some epic days in an old and true to itself fishing village in the Canary Islands, a Spanish rugged archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa. Tenerife Island, the largest of the Canaries, arches out of the sea, split by a spine of volcanic mountains.

 Drifting along the coastal road, passing banana plantations, goat herders, little bars, and whitewashed houses we found this magical place, a reminiscent of the old Tenerife, the 70s-unspoiled island and decided to call it home for some days.


In the south of the island, this community remains true to its Canarian ways. Still a simple but beautiful fishing village then, so it is today. With just one bar, this oasis remains untouched and unaffected. If anything, its modest population adds to its authentic Canarian fishing village appeal. 



 A remnant of old Tenerife, this hidden gem proves that the charm of An Old Fishing Village Never Gets Old.

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  Let’s keep the story going… 



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