From where you’d rather be

It sounds as though it’s been taken from a Corona commercial, except it actually has been! How many times have we watched the video of legendary surf director Taylor Steele capturing the journey of four friends as they travel along the pacific coast of Mexico? Just living life as it was meant to be, and that’s what Baja is all about.

We set ourselves up at Todos Santos with no expectations, just chilling at this pueblo magico “magic town” and let it be. We met the nicest people around, headed to live music gigs every night, drove through the off-beaten-tracks surrounded by massive cactus, surfed empty waves, spotted whales and drunk lots of Coronas… There are no bad days at Baja.

For a full Mexican immersion, check out our newest playlist “Agua de coco” on Spotify with a compilation of our favourite tropical tunes. You might not understand a word, but get ready to smile and prepare your body for a boogie!


Featuring Westward Shorts. Marley, Gibson and Reggie from Time Flies Collection.