The Ottway Cabin - HOW TO BUILD A DREAM

Deep in the Otways, what started as a dream is now becoming a reality. After long days of hard work, learning the ropes, friendship and good times... Gloria is not only already eclipsing our vision, but becoming a proud life achievement!


The limitations of working off-the-grid push us to become more creative and to use materials more wisely. Despite cold and rainy days, heat and flies over summer, motivation is always up there and has been the key driver of this life changing project.

Step by step and working every second weekend, Gloria is coming along. We have done a compilation of the main milestones so far: 

  1. Custom joists for subfloor of the cabin on top of the bus
  1. Roof framing: placing the rafters and fascia as the “roof skeleton”
  1. Lining boards and weatherboards cladding to dress-up in/out the cabin

  1. Insulation, recycled corrugated iron and ridge capping for a long-lasting waterproof

  1. Finest craftsmanship work from Trent for a bespoke A-Frame front door and backside circular window


  1. Lots of painting – big shoutout to the girls!


  1. And the biggest milestone… breaking-through to finally connect the cabin with the bus!
Every Sunday arvo we leave behind our secluded paradise and drive back to Melbourne, all-exhausted, but with a big smile on our faces and a shared feeling of fulfilment.


Special thanks to the long list of all our friends that have supported us so far! Can’t wait to share it with you all 

In the next few months, we will be focused on improving the interior and the installation of some essentials: rainwater tank, indoor fireplace, …

 Let's keep the story going…

STAY TUNED and follow the journey on our Instagram Stories

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