Outside is better

"Turn off your engine. Close your eyes. Listen to the silent. Asleep, we drive roads that are yet to exist; dreaming, we pave the future. The map was always here. Where fast lives, slow down. Go away and simply be. Follow your instinct. Only then will nature reveal her secrets. "
We've all felt it. That feeling of calm. A sense of peace and connection. When we step outside, we're back in an environment which feels natural, because that's exactly what it is, and too often, we find ourselves disconnected in our everyday life...

We chose to design our new collection, 
three unisex seasonless shirt/jackets 
around that feeling.

 The campaign took place over two locations which,
true to our backyard in Southern Victoria,
showcased how the 
Australian outside can be enjoyed.

A simple timber cabin set amongst gum trees and other local natives.
The absent phone reception was replaced by forest sounds. Birds singing, wind subtly passing through leaves and the trickle of the nearby Henderson Creek.

 It was a place where worries are less,
enjoyment abundant and appreciation for the very thing we need in our lives is high:


Two flannel style shirts and a retro thick cord​ jacket, all which can second as a throw over...
Whether being functional for those outdoor explorative days, or every moment life, we designed this collection to be 
versatile, practical yet unique and timeless.


Venturing to a nearby beach, surfboards on the roof of the 60s series Landy, they were soon underarm and the sea breeze immediately felt.
There's no denying what the ocean, good company and the taste of salt in the air gives us all...

Here in Victoria, we’ve found ourselves for most of the year actually being inside…
and it sparked in us, and hopefully for all, an even deeper appreciation for how important the outside really is...
and lets...
Henderson, Reis & Stedman.
Outside is better
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