Gloria - Becoming Self Sustainable

Gloria - Becoming Self Sustainable

They say when the last of the morning frost, scattering the rolling grass hills of the Otway Ranges finishes, Winter is done… and from there comes the dawn of a new season: Spring.
With the new season, also comes a new chapter for our 40ft 1970’s school bus named Gloria… One which involves more of the comforting side of things. When the work on the tools is less, and the time reaping the rewards of a couple years hard work is more.
Entering the “Becoming Self Sustainable” era of our off-grid project deep in the Otway Ranges.

While there is still plenty to do till she is finished, as you can see the core foundations are finished. We decorated Gloria’s inside and connected an old caravan stove in the kitchen. Lighting is yet to be connected, but with the installation of solar panels on the neighbouring hill, we are soon to have solar generated electricity (more on this coming!) 

Another strong point to being off-grid, meant harvesting our own water, and our own food. We collect water from the a-frame cabin roof and it fills a 5,000LT tank. This can be filtered for drinking and used in the kitchen. A recent addition, still to be completed is a 3x3 bathroom with a composting toilet and we will use electricity from the solar panels to pump the water to the shower (more on this to come also!)

For all the good times which have been, are still to come and lessons learnt. We are beyond appreciative of every moment spent so far at Gloria, and even more the time spent there with friends. To us, Gloria has meant more than just a project for the brand. It's been a journey about how four friends sharing a dream of a simple life in the forest, can actually become a reality. It's a message for others that they can achieve theirs as well and like always, it's more about the journey getting there anyway!

There's still a way to go yet, but for now, it's time to begin indulging in all the weekends of hard work!