2020, The big unknown

2020, The big unknown

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 Oh 2020 what a year you were! We had no idea what was in store!

From every tough scenario, it seems a silver lining is there to be found!
Below is a glance into what 2020 meant for Ottway!


As a collective of people, a society, our environmental awareness and impact is day by day becoming more valued and important!

In 2020 by donating a percentage of every sale, we contributed to the installation of solar power in community owned projects!

Totalling now 3 projects, 358 solar panels, generating 30594 kWh - the equivalent to 100 homes total power for a year!


We chose to not let 2020 be a year to forget, but rather one to remember!

That of pursuing a dream: To create The Ottway Flagship Store, become more than just an online fashion label and more importantly have a place to share with you all!!

We can't wait to meet you!


Through a year of unprecedented lack of freedom, where possibly the construction of Gloria continued!

The imagination of an off grid, event and nature-connection space was transforming.

We saw the remaining shell of a 70's 35ft bus have a cabin built on top connecting to the below, a fresh paint job and refurb inside.


A brand without good times, people and connections defeats the reason behind running one.

While Covid proved to keep us apart for the majority of the year in Victoria, we did what we could to build and support the community.

Early in the year, as wild fires decimated natural bush lands we contributed $10 of every order to support the emergency relief.

During lockdown as a creative incentive we created puzzles to accompany every order and designed two campaigns aspiring hope for freedom and the outdoors.

And finally as Covid relaxed we hosted two events at our Flagship store and are excited to throw more good times!


We take pride in the limited number of additions we add to the Ottway collections each year.

In 2020 we saw only 8 new pieces, sticking away from fast fashion, putting more value in individual pieces of clothing to be durable, not following trends and therefore valued and worn more.

We expanded out corduroy family with the Cream and Burgundy, coupled the Rarebird with its Black addition building the BE A RAREBIRD concept, released two flannels and a cord jacket inspired from the lack of outdoors from isolation here in Melbourne and finally added matching board shorts to our favourite vibrant shirt prints: The Gibson, Westward and Riverston.

2020 you have taught us a lot!
Happy New Year and here's to 2021 being a year of pursuing dreams! 
Ottway Fam x