GLORIA - We made it: Officially off the Tools

GLORIA - We made it: Officially off the Tools

They say all good stories have an ending, and that's inevitably so. Can you believe it's been almost three years since that sold sticker was stuck on? A three-year journey of what started as a dream shared between friends over a beer, to then a drawing on paper, the exploration of the Otway Ranges, the discovery of an 1970's abandoned school bus and a whole load of hard work, lessons and mateship. This story was never about the ending, always lost in the journey however now that we find ourselves at the final leg, it's time to switch off totally from the grid, and switch on to living fully embedded at Gloria! 


Welcome to the last progress update about Gloria,

because… it is now complete!!
See below the final finishes to an epic journey and what makes Gloria now fully off-grid and liveable, with some additional simple luxuries of course!  

The Bathroom block

A 3x3m free standing cabin combining an outdoor shower, an indoor shower and composting toilet. It was the crown jewel to truly make off grid living a comfort and Trent went over the top to make it 5*

Final touches

We are all about the details and we could not consider Gloria as finished until the to do list was empty: sealing, another coat of painting, stained floors, curtains and all those intricate ceiling angles…See below the completed inside!

Al fresco 

Long-time back are those days of a muddy entry to Gloria. After hard days of shovelling, weed matting and clipping bulbs we can finally sit back and relax in a proper dining area. Simple yet effective, a perimeter of locally sourced stones surround Gloria with space for an outdoor table, chairs and fairy lights!


Time to make it homy and fill Gloria with handpicked vintage treasures, plants, rugs, cushions, and all kitchen tools 


The 17 February 2022, we pulled the cork out and toasted for this incredible journey. It's a mixed feeling as we roll into our final progress update of Gloria. It's the accomplishment of achieving a dream and overcoming all the challenges but also the ending to the best part. In saying this… we are ready to cruise 

 Neri & Manu and Trent & Skye - Gloria, How to build a dream

What’s next?

For the next month we will be living at Gloria completely off the grid...

The final test to everything that has been achieved! Stay tuned…


Chapter I: How to build a Dream

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