A Mediterranean Escapade

A Mediterranean Escapade

Still drifting, somewhere between the rugged Southern Spanish coast and it's many Mediterranean islands... still around 10,000 miles from home.
Lost but chosen.

Mateship becomes the new beacon. The compass lost overboard and the map tethered. A return forgotten in the midst of endless warm nights and cobblestone lanes. Time stands still among Mediterranean islands and strangers quickly join to become comrades. Another sunset is yet another memory not to forget

Drawing outside the lines. The grandest stories often come from the moments we face longing for something. It requires thinking outside the box, re-routing and new visions.
Similarly, The Drifters Story came from a year of dreaming for freedom. An adventure was born, and with it a concept for life.

We’re all drifting, being carried slowly by time, collecting experiences and memories along the way. Whether near or far it matters less where the destination is and more of the adventure and the company close by.

From the dreamscape of three friends sailing a handmade raft in Australia’s south coast, to endless summer days among Mediterranean Spanish islands, the Drifters collection of unique & timeless designs were inspired to drift with us through life’s journey.
The Mediterranean Escapade's twist to the third drop introduced for
the first time to Ottway two black shirts, a premium quality and unique oatmeal coloured long sleeve plus a 4th Ottway pattern shorts...

Among the many islands, crystal clear waters and blistering long days of sun, recently met strangers quickly become comrades. There's a certain aura to the places which make people all the more friendlier. The days plans can be easily forgotten when in the company of good people, adapting to suit everyones agenda. Mateship becomes the new beacon.

The second Drifters drop saw the Easton Shirt emerge. It's premium 100% Ramie fabric design was equal to the strongest of seafarers fits, yet as comfortable and breathable as linen. It was never intended to be alone however... hence being the same in design, a part of the third drop was the Soller shirt...

Pronounced Soy-er and named after a once very isolated, yet widely known beautiful harbour town on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The history of Port de Sóller was one of resilience, isolation and rich seafaring/trade. This was due to it being situated on the west side of Mallorca and totally surrounded by the large Tramuntana mountain range. For centuries its beauty was only heard about from merchants and fisherman. The Soller shirt has many similarities. Made from premium Ramie fabric, it is a versatile long sleeve, in a unique oatmeal colourway designed to wade off sun and built to stand strong on it's own.
See Port De Sóller below!

We’re all Drifting, never exactly knowing where life might take us, but if we’re simply open to the many challenges destined to come our way, a grand story is set to be written.
Accept the drift and enjoy the journey.