Unusual, uncommon and exceptional
The Rarebird Jacket pays tribute to the rarest of the rare…

and as always with rarity, comes the feeling we all hold so valuable, and a trait we all possess: Freedom

To Be A Rarebird is to feel free and to be you.
To be you is to embrace the unique rarity we all have within us.
Take a step towards your freedom:
Be a Rarebird

It wouldn’t make sense without returning to the beginning:
The original Rarebird Jacket.
As with all good stories, this one started with adventure and searching for that something which is special… Named and designed honouring what’s believed as the rarest bird in the world, the Australian Night Parrot, the jackets back is shaped and adorned similar.

Fast forward sometime and with the twist on the original Rarebird, came the Black.

Linked with this new arrival, is the value we all deem so important: Freedom.

To be a Rarebird means embracing what makes us unusual, uncommon and exceptional... and where is the best place to begin?

Where we find our freedom!