OTTWAY Flagship Store

OTTWAY Flagship Store

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Rewind 8 months to March 2020 and pre global pandemic...
The year felt as though it was another usual early months of high hopes and dreams here at Ottway. W
e had no idea that what seemed like it was going to be the toughest year of endurance and perseverance, would open the doors to conquering a dream...

Only a short time later everyone in Melbourne found themselves limited to working from home, and thanks to this change of setting sparked the realisation Ottway was in need of its own special space!  

So despite the pressure and risk, we chose to not let 2020 be a year to forget, but rather one to remember. That of pursuing a dream: To create The Ottway Flagship Store, become more than just an online fashion label and more importantly have a place to share with you all!! 

The location was another grab of opportunity.
It had been on the market for a while. The stand alone old brick building was a white canvas and needed a lot of vision and hard work to turn it onto something special. For us this space was everything we had envisioned.

- A warehouse - everything Ottway is managed in house by hand (with love)
- An office/meet-and-greet area
- A front-shop - Filled with Ottway vibes, memories and all our collections
- A space for Community: surrounded by an amazing neighbourhood full of vibrant cafes and likeminded people.

With all this potential we couldn’t stop dreaming about it, and despite being in the middle of an unprecedented and tough time, especially for a small business like us, we decided to take the risk and follow our dreams. Because, life is for living!

14th May 2020 was a day for the books. We got the keys to our and now your new hangout.

It began by filling it with old, reclaimed, vintage wears. Sticking true to our name "The New Old" not a single piece of decor has not been pre-loved. It all having its own story!

This space became our driver to stay motivated and creative during lockdown. The days were counting down to share it with you all!Finally the 7th November 2020, just a month ago, restrictions eased in Melbourne and we were able to officially open the doors…

This past month has been an absolute dream. To have a space of creative freedom and expression, where its possible to meet amazing people and in a suburb full of cool businesses, certainly made this year one worth remembering!

Lets keep the story going and chase our dreams!

See you at 31 Sackville Street

The Ottway Family